A recent report by Families for Excellent Schools, a pro-charter group, reveals that in nearly 25% of New York City Public Schools, 90% or more of those students failed to demonstrate proficiency in Language Arts and mathematics. Families for Excellent Schools did not offer any solutions for closing the Black student achievement gap. Black student achievement gap has been the focus for school reformers for decades. Strategies for closing the achievement gap include enhancing teacher quality, curriculum and pedagogy focus, school leadership, student support, and family and community involvement. The strategies have somewhat closed the Black student achievement gap in some instances but additional efforts are needed.

Closing the Black student achievement gap will require strategies that offset Pertcrism (Perpetual Tradition of Classroom Racism). We know that Cloomism (Classroom Racism) is a perpetual tradition because since 1972 the Department of Education reports that White students outperform Black students at each grade level. This is also true for many schools that have a predominately Black or Hispanic student populations.

Pertcrism seems to impact poverty stricken communities the most. The only way to eliminate Pertcrism is by Elcloomism. Elcloomism will only happen when we Properateasclaships (Promoting Positive Racial Teacher Student Classroom Relationship)

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