Schools across the nation now provide student social services as an attempt to enhance the education of students living in poverty. Teachers and administrators in these high-poverty schools believe that the additional helps frees their time up so that they can focus on education. Additional resources report that the community school initiative improves the assessment scores for those children that have access to the new community school initiative.

The community school initiative has both advocates and critics. In June 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, announced a grant of $52 million to set up 40 community schools in the city. In Kent County Michigan, the number of community schools has grown from eight in 2006 to 28 in 2014. On the community school initiative, Michael Petrilli, executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a right-leaning education policy think tank says. let’s make sure that we provide strong social supports for disadvantaged children, but let’s not use that as an excuse to ignore what’s happening or what’s not happening inside of the school.

What is going on in the schools is Pertcrism. Pertcrism is the perpetual tradition of classroom racism. Many of the parents of these disadvantaged youths are victims of Pertcrism. The only way to move our children from victims to victor is through Elcloomism. We overcome Elcloomism by promoting positive racial teacher-student classroom relationships.


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