Recently, the Obama administration launched a discrimination probe which resulted in the Los Angeles School District settling the dispute by banning certain student suspensions. The District of Columbia School District is following this pattern by banning certain student suspensions too. Teachers are now placed in an awkward position where they will need Elcloomism tips for teachers.

Elcloomism tips for teachers are necessary because teachers will need to implement classroom management strategies that not only fit the new administrative guidelines but also provide an atmosphere of obstruction free education for all students. Effective tips for teachers include nonverbal, verbal, and process oriented strategies.

The first tip for teachers begins with establishing nonverbal cues with your students. Black mothers use ‘the look’ as a nonverbal cue to their children as a warning. Let your students know their first warning for disruptive behavior is the ‘the look’. ‘The look’ is very deliberate and prolonged. You can accomplish this by looking at the individual student long enough so the entire class recognizes that you are ‘looking’. You can also wait until there is complete silence in the class and then move forward with the lesson.

Next, you want to use a verbal cue for leveling the playing field. Black students are accustomed with sharing information on the same “playing ground” level with adults in the family. This sharing of information is both respected by the father and mother. When taking attendance call them by their first name. When sharing information during instruction, call them Mr. [last name] or Miss [last name].

Finally, when developing classroom rules, allow them to help you decide on the process and consequence for classroom infractions. Post those expectations and consequences in you classroom for all students, parents, and administrators to see. Make sure that they know that the first warning is ‘the look’. Stayed tuned for additional Elcloomism Tips for Teachers.

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