Officials in the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights are investigating claims made by Newark parents and the Newark branch of New Jersey’s Parents Unified for Local School Education, or PULSE regarding Newark schools reorganization plans.

They believe that 86 percent of the students who are affected by “One Newark” plan are African American, while African-American students make up 51 percent of the Newark Public School student population. Newark schools reorganization plans include consolidating and relocating one-quarter of the schools and allowing charter schools to operate in three city-owned facilities. It falls short in addressing the real ailment of Newark schools which is Cloomism. Cloomism is the classroom racism that continues to contribute to the demise of Black children.

Newark schools reorganization plans has a fallacy because it will not impact the student dropout rate. According to the New Jersey Department of Education, Blacks comprise of 62% of the student dropouts. Hispanics account for 36% of the high school dropouts. Whites and Asians account for less than two percent of the high school dropouts. Most students dropout of school because they are not having success in the classroom.

Many students do not have classroom success due to the racial tensions between teachers and students. They only way that parents can ensure that their children will have the education that they deserve is to focus their effects to ensure that Newark schools elcloomism (Eliminate Classroom Racism) instead of attempting to placate the Newark schools reorganization plans

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