During the Plainfield NJ mayors first 100 days, he as accomplished more than most in his position. Mayor Mapp plans to make Plainfield safe by increasing police training. The police training will enhance the creative thinking and risk-taking skills necessary to solve problems that keep residents safe. He is increasing summer employment opportunities for youth by proposing a budget that is almost double the previous 2013 budget. The additional monies will employee over 200 youth and young adults. Mayor Mapp is creating new partnerships to keep children safe by conducting an interagency training and a tabletop exercise with the Plainfield NJ Board of Education for responding to school emergencies.

One area that Mayor Mapp must continue to address is the crime rate for Plainfield, NJ. According to citydata.com, the crime rate for Plainfield, NJ is above the national average. High school dropouts commit Seventy-five percent of all crimes committed in the US.

Decreasing the number of dropouts is one key factor for fighting crime. Most students who become dropouts are students who have no or little success in the classroom. Many of these students are victims of the racial tension that exists in the classroom. Because of this tension, they choose crime as a way of life instead of using education as a vehicle to survive. Mayor Mapp can continue his agenda to reduce crime in Plainfield NJ by eliminating racism in the classroom.

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