A recent Baltimore Sun article reported that hundreds of men demonstrated against violence. Philip J. Leaf, the director for the Center of Youth Violence at the John Hopkins University as well as local activist Omar Sharif report that the rate of violence remains to high. Councilman Nick Mosby contributes to this movement by organizing several rallies titled “Enough is Enough”.

I agree with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in that, residents must do more than just complain on social media or comment boards regarding the violence. Baltimore residents must take the next step by eliminating the racism in education.

High school dropouts commit seventy-five percent of the crimes committed in the United States. In most cases, high school dropouts are the product of racism in education, which stems directly from racism in the classroom.

When a child comes to the classroom and becomes a victim of racism in education, they are less likely to achieve academically. Eventually, the relationship between the teacher and student erupts into a conflict. Since the teacher is the classroom power broker, the result of a classroom confrontation becomes a disciplinary consequence.

When a child receives enough disciplinary consequences, especially those associated with racism in education, they are less likely to attend school. This sets the stage for them to dropout of school. Since their survival is now in jeopardy, they resort to criminal activities.

Baltimore residents who have a real concern for reducing violence must begin by demonstrating against the racism in education that exists in their schools.

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