We can make children happy by how we interact with them. Children are the happiest when we use positive reinforcement for deserving actions. When a child does something that we consider good and we respond with positive reinforcement they either smile or laugh. Even when a child does something that deserves correction and we respond tohttps://classroomracismexterminator.wordpress.com/wp-admin/upload.php their obedience in a positive matter the child walks away with a positive attitude.

Well, the story is different for many Black preschoolers in the United States. It seems that pre-school teachers are clueless in regards to what makes children happy. According to the United States Department of Education, Black preschoolers are significantly more likely to be suspended from school when compared to White students. With a force of 83% White teachers this has to be the product of classroom racism.

In order for Black students to be happy, teachers must learn to be more accepting of the racial differences that students bring to the classroom. Without the acceptance of racial differences, the pending result is unhappiness for the child, which can result in suspension or expulsion.

Teachers can make children happy by developing positive teacher-student relationships. This includes accepting children for their racial differences. The impending result is a child who excels in academics and the school. The additional benefits include happy child, a happy teacher, a happy parent, a happy school, and a happy community. As a community, we must implement strategies that make children happy.

What can teachers do to make children happy?

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